NOTICE: Spring has sprung and the bears out and about!!!!!

Bears are getting active across the Granite State. As you celebrate spring, you need to be thinking about removing your birdfeeders until next winter. To help prevent bear visits, the NH Fish and Game Department recommends taking down birdfeeders from April 1 to December 1st.

Mama and her babies

Homeowners should take action to reduce the chances of a bear visiting their home. Avoid encounters with bears by taking a few simple precautions:

Stop all bird feeding by April 1st

Clean up any spilled birdseed & dispose of it in the trash

Secure all garbage in airtight containers inside a garage or adequate storage area

Most important: Don't feed the bears!

If you or someone you know still needs convincing, just watch the Fish & Game video of a bear family taking down a backyard birdfeeder!