Town Services

The Town of Lincoln provides a full range of services for residents. From Building Services to Vital Records, if you have questions about a Town service, this is the place to look.

  • Building Services
    If you are a builder or developer, or just a homeowner who wants to build a pool or patio for your house, visit our Planning Department and Zoning Department web pages.
  • Dog Licensing
    Every owner of a dog that is at least four months old must license their dog each year at the Town Clerk's office. Visit our Town Clerk web pages for more information.
  • Emergency Services
    Visit our Police Department and Fire Department web pages for information on emergency services offered by the Town of Lincoln.
  • Food Pantry
    Visit our Food Pantry web page for information on donating and hours of operation.
  • Health Issues
    Visit our Health Officer web pages for information concerning Community Health related issues.
  • Library
    Visit the Lincoln Town Library web pages for more information on the many services available to the public including wi-fi Internet access.
  • Marriage Licensing
    The Town Clerk may issue a marriage license to the applicants the same day of the application, provided all signatures and statutory requirements are met. Visit our Town Clerk web pages for more information.
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
    The Town Clerk will register motor vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. Visit our Town Clerk web pages for more information.
  • Ordinances and Regulations
    Get information about Town of Lincoln current ordinances and regulations by visiting our Document Library, Planning Department orZoning Department web pages.
  • Lin-Wood Public School
    Lin-Wood Public Schools Get information about our public schools.
  • Parks and Recreation
    Discover the many recreational options for all Lincoln citizens. Download our seasonal newsletters too! Visit the Recreation Department web pages.
  • Property Valuation
    Information regarding your property valuation can be accessed by visiting our Assessing Office web pages.
  • Road and Street Maintenance
    Road and street maintenance issues can be addressed by our Department of Public Works. Visit the Public Works web pages for more information.
  • Trash and Recycling
    Find everything about services in the Town of Lincoln relative to trash and recycling by visiting our Solid Waste web pages.
  • Vital Records
    The Town Clerk will assist you in obtaining vital records for birth, marriage, and deaths. Visit our Town Clerk web pages for more information.
The Town of Lincoln prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, marital or family status. The Town of Lincoln is an equal opportunity employer.
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