Riverfront Park Planning Committee

A network of trails will be developed throughout the towns of Lincoln and Woodstock, New Hampshire and will be incorporated with a new Riverfront Park in the town of Lincoln.   The system of trails will include 1. trails for pedestrians to walk, snow shoe, cross country ski, or bicycle on, 2. trails for snow mobiles and 3. trails for equestrian usage.   Many of these trails, or sections thereof, already exist.  However several of the proposed trails or sections are new and must be constructed.  It is intended that the new trails, along with the existing trails, will be extensive enough between the towns of Lincoln and Woodstock so as to provide a trail system “hub” for local residents, visitors and tourists in northern New Hampshire by which to enjoy the area during all four seasons and increase the flow of tourist dollars into the region.

The development of the trail system will intentionally maintain separation of non-motorized from motorized vehicular traffic.  However, access to the Riverfront Park will be made available to both modes of traffic.  The trail system and Riverfront Park will integrate focus on the historical heritage of the Lincoln-Woodstock area as well as present an environmental perspective of the region by the use of posters/kiosks, signage, etc.  Trails will be maintained pet friendly.  Street furniture such as benches, lights, etc., will be positioned appropriately.

A phased approach will be used over a five to ten year period to construct the Riverfront Park and Trail system.