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NH RSA 37 and the Town Manager / Selectmen / Town Meeting Form of Government

Since 2002, the Town of Lincoln has operated under the Town Manager / Board of Selectmen / Town Meeting form of government. In this form of government, the Town Manager is appointed according to the provisions of NH RSA 37.

According to NH RSA 37:5, “the Town Manager shall be the administrative head of all departments of the Town and be responsible for the efficient administration thereof... He shall have general supervision of the property and business affairs of the Town and of the expenditure of moneys appropriated by it for Town purposes”. The specific powers and duties of the Town Manager are spelled out further in NH RSA 37:6.

NH RSA 37:3 states that the Town Manager “shall in all matters be subject to the direction and supervision, and hold office at the will, of the Selectmen”. Under RSA 37, the Town Manager, under the supervision and direction of the Board of Selectmen, functions as the head of the executive branch of the town government, and Town Meeting, composed of all legal voters of the Town, serves as the legislative branch of the town government.

Town Manager Bio

Mr. Burbank, a resident of nearby Thornton, brings a wealth of knowledge and over 40 years of local government experience to the job. For 30 years Mr. Burbank worked for the Town of Waterville Valley, retiring as Chief of Police - Director of Public Safety. He has also served on the Thornton Board of Selectmen, most recently as Chairman, which afforded him a good deal of hands-on municipal management experience and understanding of local and regional issues unique to the White Mountains Region of NH. He brings a strong sense of community, and a broad understanding of local government to this position. Most recently, Burbank served as Health & Safety Advisor at the New Hampshire Local Government Center where he has worked for the 9 years.


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