Board of Selectmen

History of Governance

Since its incorporation, the Town of Lincoln and its residents have been served by dedicated members of the community, giving generously of their time and expertise to the betterment of the town. The board of selectmen is commonly the executive arm of the government of New England towns in the United States. The board typically consists of three or five members, with or without staggered terms. Three is the most common number historically. 

Working in cooperation with the Town Manager, Department Heads, employees, residents, and a host of others, the primary objective of the Board remains the oversight and management of the Town’s financial, departmental, and community affairs.

While the members of the Board of Selectmen are not generally available in the Administrative offices during the course of the business day, any concerns or questions can be addressed by the Administrative staff and/or the Town Manager, Alfred “Butch” Burbank.

Members of the Board of Selectmen are elected by the voters. Anyone interested in running is encouraged to contact the Town Clerk for more information about the candidacy filing period, which takes place in January and is subject to a deadline.

Contact the Board of Selectmen

OJ Robinson              

Tamra Ham                

Jack Daly                   



Board Members

Name Title
O.J. Robinson Chairman, 2023
Jack Daly Selectman, 2024