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The Lincoln Police Department has equipped all officers with Body Worn Cameras (BWC). The BWC is a video and audio recording device that officers on patrol will wear during their patrol shifts. All LPD officers must receive an orientation and training session with the BWC prior to its use in the field. Officers without training will not utilize the BWC.

Below, is a partial listing of the policy implemented by the LPD. If a copy of the full policy is desired, you can request it by contacting The Lincoln Police Department.

“Once issued, the BWC should be worn by officers on patrol and activated, as outlined by policy.

The BWC will not be activated when there no legitimate law enforcement purpose.

This policy will in no way supersede officers utilizing officer safety practices which could include not activating the BWC. Additionally, it is recognized that a volatile or sudden incident may result in not having the BWC immediately activated. In these situations, the officer will activate the BWC at the earliest and reasonable time.

Only approved BWC’s are permitted for use while acting in an official capacity. 

The recording should occur during all patrol related interactions with the public which include (but are not limited to) pedestrian and vehicle stops, dispatched calls for services, investigations, arrests, or other “officer viewed” events.

The recording should occur at the earliest possible moment of an official contact. At the beginning of a contact in a private place, but after recording has been initiated, involved parties should be advised that they are being recorded.

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